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Does ACES provide housing and rental cars?
Yes, ACES can provide suitable housing and transportation for any of our travel assignments OR we can provide the traveler with available options with pricing which allows the traveler to have complete control of their housing and transportation needs.


How are travel and housing expenses paid?
Housing and travel stipends are non-taxed and paid weekly.  This will be in a separate check or separate direct deposit from the weekly earnings.


How long are the most travel assignments?
Most contracts are 4-13 weeks in length but may be longer based on the needs of the facility.


Where are the assignments located?
We have assignments nationwide depending on the needs of the facilities.  Let us find you a exciting destination today!


What do I need to do to be submitted for an assignment?
It is quick and easy; just watch this short video on our YouTube Channel that covers everything you need to complete to be submitted to an assignment:  Also, keeping your profile and credentials up to date will decrease the submission time and give your recruiter the ability to match you to the perfect job when it is posted.


When will I hear from the facility regarding my submission?
Each facility will follow their own submission procedures; typically the traveler should expect to be interviewed within 48-72 business hours.

Does ACES have Government jobs?
ACES has an affiliate company, American Clinical Employment Staffing, LLC which your recruiter can contact to assist with government job opportunities.


When and how do I get paid?  
ACES pays weekly on Fridays. Most facilities operate on a Calendar week of Sunday –Saturday requiring timesheets or entered time be turned in by 8 AM on Monday mornings and you will then receive payment the following Friday.


How much will I make?
Healthcare traveler pay packages vary depending on specialty and demand.  On average travelers make 20-30% higher pay rates than a core staff employee depending on the area.  Calculate your hourly by your guaranteed hours and that is your taxable income. Your housing and transportation stipends, licensure reimbursements and such are non-taxable.  We have no way of predicting your tax rate so you will need to speak to your tax advisor for this information.


Do you have direct deposit?
Yes, Payroll is weekly and can be direct deposited with the appropriate voided check and authorization forms or you can receive a live check mailed to your location.


Where can I make the most money as a traveler?
Many factors affect your pay including location and specific needs.  Many times facilities pay more that are in remote locations or even less popular areas due to the higher number of needs.  When evaluating these positions you have to consider the cost of living in that area, housing and transportation costs. You can certainly work with your recruiter and travel department here at ACES to get the facts before you decide which assignment is right for you.


Do you offer Health insurance and what is the cost? When will I be covered?
Yes, We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and you will be covered starting the first day of the month following the start of your assignment.  We have two plans to choose from including single and family options.  Check with your recruiter on price of your plan based on your individual needs.


Are physicals and medical exams paid for?
No, you must have a medical clearance to work for all positions and this is at your expense unless the facility specifically requests to do them onsite.


Do you pay for BLS, ALCS, PALS and CEUs?
In some cases your recruiter may include this in your package however as a general rule no we do not.


Will I get reimbursed for my license?
If you have applied and received a new license you will get reimbursed for the license and fingerprinting upon completion of your contract.  You need to complete the required expense reports and provide the necessary support documents to your recruiter to receive the reimbursement. Reimbursement must be turned in within 60 days completion of assignment to be eligible.


Do you offer Referral Bonus’?
Yes, as of July 1, 2018 we have The 4 ACES Referral Program.  For every referral that is new to ACES, submitted, and accepted you will receive a Ace of cards once you receive all four a heart, a club, a diamond and a spade you will be eligible for a $2500.00 referral bonus.  See the benefit and referral section for more details.


Is there completion and extension bonus for my assignment?
Every assignment is different and may possibly include these bonuses.


What are your benefits?
Refer to the Benefits page for details.


Can I take my pet?
Yes, in most cases this is possible and hour travel department will work with you to find pet friendly housing depending on size of the pet and availability of the housing.  There may be a pet deposit required.


Do you have a Retirement Account or 401K?
We do not have a 401K at present but we do offer an IRA option.