COVID-19 Pandemic and Crisis Healthcare Staffing

A thank you to ALL healthcare workers in this time of uncertainty for your commitment and perseverance to do what God has called you to do. We at ACES appreciate every hour, every shift and every one of our employees frontline and recruiters for working long, hard difficult days to ultimately take care of our communities Nationwide.
Please email your recruiter or call 866-864-8620 for further details to see how you can sign up to assist in this effort.
Thank you because “Nurses Can’t Stay Home” for all you do to care for your patients, family members and the community.

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The key to a travel health care position is having the required licensure at the time of submission. Many positions will allow for submissions pending licensure but most require license in hand. Please see below for a list of all nursing and therapy state boards for specific state requirements. ACES will reimburse for any new state licensures once assignment has been accepted and completed in that state.


Walk-Through States

Walk-through states allow a professional to be issued a temporary license or permit within a very short period of time. This license can be used to practice nursing while awaiting the permanent license to be processed. Temporary permits are generally valid for 30 days to 6 months depending on the state of issue.


Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) States

The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact allows any nurse who resides in one of the 27 participating compact states to practice nursing in any of the states forming the compact state alliance. In order to work in a compact state, a nurse must have proof of residence in a compact state as well as a current, active RN license in said state. The nurse does not need to obtain licensure in any of the other participating compact states. For detailed information about the eNLC, click here.

States participating in the eNLC include:

State Boards of Nursing

Therapy & Allied Licensure


Continuing Education & The Joint Commission for Healthcare Staffing Information

  • Advanced Clinical Employment Staffing, LLC (ACES) is committed to safe practices by staff members.  Our employees are scheduled for continuing education on a variety of issues including, but not limited to fire/life safety, fire prevention, emergency management, body mechanics, electrical hazards, hazardous materials, infection control, general/departmental safety, safety hazards specific to patient ages and security.  ACES educates its staff members and notifies its public that any concerns about the quality and safety of patient care provided by the firms staff members may be reported to The Joint Commission, One Renaissance Boulevard, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, Office of Quality & Patient Safety, FAX 630-792-5636,
  • See calendar for updates

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