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Claudia Balderas

In 2015, after working at my local hospital since 2011, I met a traveler who came to our ER from ALABAMA (ACES) who was on a 13 week assignment. I knew right away he was a special RN since he was able to adapt to our busy ER and he was like staff within a day. He attributed that to working as a traveler and being from the “south.” He shared his tips and and knowledge to help me be a better ER nurse. He exteded twice more and then I decided, after a little encouragement that I could do this too. I wanted to learn and be this good with my skills “anywhere.” So we took an assignment in Alabama. A facility wth an ER twice the size that I had ever worked. I was apprehensive but determined. I was able to preform at a much greater level than I gave myself credit for and a new found confidence that I would have never had without travel nursing and my new found team nursing approach. I have found working with ACES is not only a nursing travel company but family. They do want the best for you. ACES has worked with me on choosing assignments and getting the best experiences. I still work per diem at my hospital in CA and have to meet the requirements for per diem and ACES has allowed me to work around that. I now have nursing licenses in four other states! In case you’re wondering, the traveler and I are still in touch. In fact we married. This past May I married a man who helped me grow my confidence, which helped me believe in new working experiences and showed me life beyond my comfort zone. I would recommend travel nursing to test yourself and see what life is beyond YOUR comfort zone. Plus you might just meet the man or woman of your dreams too!

Claudia Balderas, RN, BSN-ACES travel nurse